Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cloth Diapers can cause spazz attacks. You are warned.

This is pretty much verbatim what I wrote over at BabyCenter's Cloth Diaper board earlier today. What a lovely bunch of ladies! I've snuck around there and lurked and gotten most of my CD knowledge (which isn't much, but only because I don't read enough) from them.


I just have to share with other cloth mamas out there -- or well, any mamas who may have the slightest possible interest in cloth diapering.

I'm not a cloth mama yet. But I'm getting there. :) I'm hoping to have all my little prefolds and covers in order before the baby's born so I can CD from day #1! And I even convinced hubby dearest to be on board. He was totally grossed out until I mentioned dollars, and then his ears practically perked up like a dog's. Haha. Gotta love being married to someone who knows the meaning of poor! :)

(However, I graciously decided to withhold the information that CD addiction could quite possibly make CD a lot more expensive than I may have quoted him. He doesn't need to know, right?! And honey, you aren't reading this. I will deny it if you bring it up. And it's STILL cheaper than disposables, so hush.)

Anyhow. With that said, I happened to google a few months ago and found a place that sold Fuzzibunz diapers in St. Louis, called Cotton Babies. They had a website that for some reason I never really bothered to check out (I figured it was just a front and wouldn't have any good information). I go to St. Louis for my high-risk followups, so I figured I'd stop in one of these days.

That day was today.

And there were diapers everywhere. And the covers I wanted. (Unfortunately, they didn't have Bummis organic prefolds... but I will get those later!). And they had a TEST BABY. It was so eerily adorable.

They had everything. And I could actually see how the prefolds looked after washing, and how they fit into the newborn sizes of diapers I wanted, and how the different brands' sizes of newborn were different, and and and it was wonderful and practically orgasmic. And they even have CLOTH DIAPERING CLASSES.

That's right.

Cloth. Diapering. Classes. In which they show us fun things like folds and how to do... stuff... and and... cloth diapers... and... um... cloth... diapers... yeah I have no idea. But they are free classes.

I'm still in cloth diaper bliss right now. Too bad I went in with no money... but, my mommy bought me some infant-sized prefolds and preemie prefolds and a Bummis Super Whisper cover and a Thirsties XS, so I could have a start on my CD pile (and have something to play with).

Too bad I don't have a doll. :( That would make today complete.

And they have gorgeous diaper bags. That's a plus too.


My husband was like "Seriously? Do you have to take a class on everything?! I'm NOT GOING." Then after I went silent (read: kind of sulky) on the phone, he eventually turned around to, "So... how long is the class?"

"I don't know, probably not more than 2 hours. And! THIS IS THE STUFF YOU WILL PROBABLY LEARN. And CD has a bit of a learning curve and I want to do it RIGHT! From the BEGINNING! BLAH BLAH BLAH CUTE THINGS BLAH BLAH BLAH STORE IS ADORABLE BLAH BLAH BLAH..." Yeah he probably didn't listen to all of it, but he did agree to go as long as it wasn't four hours. LOL.

But he still didn't understand my sldkfjsldfkjsldfjksldkf glee when I called him about it. Men!

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