The Author

I am a first-time mother, wife, and pet-lover.  I love humor in all its incarnations.  Reading and writing are two wonderful passions of mine, which of course transition well into the world of blogging.  Assuming, of course, I ever blogged.  Well, consistently.  Because obviously, this is a blog.  And this is a blurb about a blogger.

This blog is often irreverent, pointless, silly, melodramatic, and occasionally has snippets of serious when I feel like something new.  I battle fibromyalgia and chronic pain, migraines, depression, and stupidity (my own, with new addition of my husband's) every day; I've learned that laughing at it all makes it much easier to deal with.  So why not live life with a little humor, a dash of satire, and make fun of just about everything?

I'm easily bribed by chocolate.  Sort of.  I mean, if you came up to me on the street and asked me to stuff someone in a basket and float them down the river, I don't think I could do it for just a Hershey bar.  Maybe a lifetime supply of Skittles or something, though... And for all the creepy CIA agents or anti-terrorist groups reading this, I wouldn't really stuff someone into a basket and float them down the river.  So stop taking me seriously.   It'll probably make your brain explode.  That's what happened to mine.