Friday, June 24, 2011

Insomnia is wonderful. Kind of like melted chocolate in your car.

I'm bored to tears and I know some part of me is crazy amounts of tired, but of course I can't sleep.  Why would I sleep?  It's not like I work tomorrow or anything.
  • White Dog just hacked a lung out, then started licking the floor.  Because, obviously, it tastes good.  (?)
  • Small Dog ate her food, nosed my ankle to tell me thank you, wagged her tail, pawed at my thigh for a while, enjoyed some love, and then curled back up in her bed to sleep, which is what she was doing before I rudely awakened her for food.  There's a word for dogs like you.
  • Still cranky because dog is sleeping and I can't.
  • Big Cat keeps meowing pathetically at me because he can't reach a bug on the wall.  Honestly?  What do you expect me to do?
  • Husband is in my ear because he works tomorrow and is staying the weekend in the City.  I'm not talking because I'm too busy reading absolutely nothing and also, I'm bored.  This totally makes sense because having a conversation with Husband is so much worse.  Obviously.  (This is why I think I'm crazy.)
  • I just told Husband I think I have insomnia.  He tried to say something but I ignored him because I was typing.  This is not how conversations work, I think.
  • I'm freezing because the air conditioner is on full blast, but as some of you may or may not know, it's always on full blast because it can only do full blast and unplugged.  And my replacement air conditioner is on backorder.  Damn it, Landlady, just buy a different one from Walmart.  Everyone else does it!
  • I want a Target.
  • Big Cat is now chewing on the piece of my Bluetooth headset that broke off.  It finally has a use.
  • Husband is still quiet because I haven't said anything in 5 minutes.  I should say something.
  • Oh.  No.  It's because my Bluetooth ran out of battery.  Fuck.
  • Now I'm typing with the phone against my shoulder.  And a cat in front of my face.  Trying to peer around the cat, type, and keep phone from falling.  Trying to have conversation with Husband.  This is not working.  Move it, cat.
  • Epiphany:  Cats don't read.

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